We, at Armeria Eskola, claim our deep nature from Eibar as a sing of identity. Facing any kind of standarizing institution, our label Eibar and our motto par excellence “Well Done Work”, resume perfectly what Armeria Eskola´s role is

As we were distinguished with the best awards (The Tie of Alphonse X The Wise, Golden Medal of Gipuzkoa, Lan Onari …), we feel ourselves proud of our long path of more than 100 years at the service of the society of Eibar and its surroundings as well as the role which our students have carried out and they are still carrying out as transforming agents in the economic and social reality. The best example is the fact that these students have become more than new 400 businessmen and business women.

We offer our services following international quality standards, we maintain a constantly updated and ambitions offer, by staking for a quality Vocational Training which is complex and stigma free, adapted to the real needs of our industrial structure as the main statement of our clear vocation to the public service.

Our duty lays on the concept of “Well Done Work” without ambiguity, betting for the never-ending effort, the compromise with society and the thoroughness when carrying out our duty, the transparency in our actions and the collaboration with other institutions for a better development of our social mission.

The seriousness and harshness of our actions, the compromise and service spirit, the responsibility with our mission and the discipline when fulfilling our duty, are values which label and differenciate us from others. We, the people who form part of Armeria Eskola (office employees, teachers, students…) are aware that the future passes compulsorily by the culture of Effort, Work and Decency, without short cuts or sharp practices. “There is no legacy without effort”. It´s shared work at Armeria Eskola and, therefore, in the own city of Eibar and its surroundings which has been characterized so much by some values that are ever more necessary now.